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Wicklein’s Water Gardens is committed to a successful relationship with all our customers. On very rare occasions plant material shipped via UPS or common carrier is damaged. It is essential that the following procedures be followed to insure proper credit is given, replacement plants are shipped in a timely manner, and claims for damage are successfully processed.

  1. Open all boxes and inspect plants immediately. Check that the proper number of boxes are received and plants are not damaged. This should be accomplished while the carrier is still there so the Freight Bill can be annotated in the event of plant damage. The carrier should be notified by you immediately.
  2. If plant damage is discovered after the carrier has departed, the carrier must be notified immediately so that inspections, if required, can be performed. Claims for damage will not be honored by the carrier if this procedure is not followed. Do Not Throw Away Any Boxes. Please take pictures if possible.
  3. Contact us immediately so we can help solve your immediate problem of getting product to sell. This allows us to get involved in the claims process with the carrier.
It is not our policy to dispute your claim. It is our intention to insure you have a successful water gardening program. 
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